Black Large Pet Bed
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Snutz Pet Bed



The SNUTZ pet bed is U/V resistant which enables the vinyl to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. The vinyl fabric is also treated with a Protect coating. A formulation that helps guard against stains and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold & mildew. 

Your pets can drool all over the bed without worrying about the smell.

. No cat or dog hair 

. No wet dog smell                                    

. Pee Proof 

. Indoor & Outdoor Use


. No need to pull the cover off and wash it in your washing machine with all the pet hair stuck to it .

. Personalize it with your pets name



Most stains can be cleaned using warm soapy water, followed by clean water rinsing. Moderate scrubbing with a medium bristle brush will help loosen soiling from the embossed surface. 

Failure to follow cleaning instructions may permanently stain and reduce the life of the vinyl. 

Great colours to match your home decor.


Two Great sizes:                    


65cm x 65cm x 10cm

80cm x 80cm x 10cm




Black Large Pet Matt

80cm x 80cm x 10cm