We recently learned from several veterinarians and veterinary nurses while attending the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show, that not everyone in your industry knows about SNUTZ PET MATS and that we make customisable hospital mats for veterinary clinics.
Our mats are made from the same non-bacterial and hard wearing material that is used in human hospitals!
• EASY CLEAN, HEALTHCARE QUALITY VINYL - with their durable, non porous, stain resistant coating, they are literally a spray & wipe .
• WATER RESISTANT & CHEMICAL SAFE SURFACE - Dog peed on the mat ... No problem, just wipe it clean like you would a hospital cage. The material is bleach & alcohol based cleaner safe.
• WARMTH & COMFORT FOR PATIENTS - Our mats help hypothermic post surgical patients maintain an ideal body temperature much better than towels and fluffies on top of the metal base of hospital cages.
• LESS WASHING! - You ALL know how much washing you do at a veterinary clinic each day and how time consuming that is! Imagine the difference less washing (and drying) will make to your clinic. Hours of time each day could be spent on more important things! A fluffy on top for bedding is plenty for most patients, instead of numerous towels etc
• CUSTOMISABLE SIZING - Your mats are made to order to suit your clinic. Only want mats to suit a half cage size so pets have a choice where to lie, no problem ... We can make them any size you want. This includes thickness ... we can customise the foam layer to your preferred thickness.
• CUSTOMISABLE CLINIC NAME - Our mats can be customised to have your clinics name on them.
• Post surgical / anaesthetic recovery  patients.
• As a base for warmth under dental procedures.
• Great for elderly & arthritic patients.
• Comfort for long stay patients.
• Epileptic patients - for protection.
Please Note - These mats are not suitable for use with hyperthermic patients.
For more information on SNUTZ PET MATS  please contact us on:
Phone: 0418 316 219                      
vet mats  we customize to suit you