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Why Snutz Pet Beds Are a Must-Have For Pet Owners



What if you could easily protect your home from damage, fleas and fur with one simple solution? The Snutz Pet Mat solves all your problems while providing your furry friend with a super soft place to sit and sleep. 


We can customise the size and thickness to be perfect for your pet and can personalise the cover to match your home or feature your furry friend’s name. The luxurious interior is made from super comfy foam that your pet will love (maybe even more than the couch!). The beds also help to regulate your pet's body temperature which means you can relax knowing they'll be comfortable all year round. 



Unlike fluffy pet beds that can overheat your pets, get super smelly and gross and harbour flea breeding grounds, the cover of our beds are crafted from hospital quality non-bacterial vinyl that is flea-resistant and can easily be wiped clean. The Snutz Pet beds have an antibacterial coating making them perfect for pets with allergies.


 Our beds are trusted by vets and used in vet clinics 


Unlike traditional pet beds that need to be thrown away as soon as they get soiled, our beds are double sided, super durable, non-porous and have an innovative stain resistant coating making them perfect for even the messiest pets. 


There is nothing more unsightly or uncomfortable than itchy pet hair on furniture. The slick covers on our beds mean you can wipe off or vacuum fur super easily. 

“Snutz Pet beds can be fully cleaned and sanitised with a simple spray and wipe of your favourite cleaning products since vinyl is bleach and alcohol-based cleaner safe” says fabric expert Patricia Raneiri.


You won’t need to worry about trying to stuff bulky beds into your washing machine just to clog it with pet hair or soil it with pee, dirt or fleas that can transfer onto your clothes. Your Snutz Pet Mat will never need to be washed in the washing machine and will be clean the first time, no need to waste water, time and money washing and rewashing just for it to still smell and be stained.


Our beds are UV resistant and waterproof meaning they can withstand extreme conditions which means they're perfect for indoor and outdoor settings.


“Having the UV protection is so essential for outdoor furniture or furniture in homes with a lot of natural light” notes interior designer Gary Hamer, “It will save you a tonne of money and prevent any peeling, discoloration and damage”.


Our beds are perfect for new kittens and pups or older dogs with bladder control issues because they are PEE-PROOF! No more spending money on expensive pee-pads that aren’t eco-friendly. Our vinyl is treated with an innovative Protech coating, a formulation that guards against stains and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. No matter how wet your Snutz Pet Mat gets with slobber, pee or water there will be no wet pet or urine smell in your home.



“When pets pee on flooring like hardwood floors and carpet it can lead to mould, stains, rotting, warping and odour that is impossible to remove” says the flooring professionals at Quality Timber Flooring, “Implementing preventative measures like Snutz Pet beds is so important to conserve the quality of your floors and avoid irreversible damage”.


Check out our huge range of Snutz Pet beds here.