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3 Amazing Benefits of Flip Out Couch for Toddlers


Kids love things made in their size because it gives a sense of ownership. From kitchen toys to cars and furniture sets, the little ones enjoy tiny things which have tremendous benefits for their development.


Have you seen your child’s feet dangling at the edge of the sofa? Not only is it risky when they can't reach the floor, but they also feel a little intimidated by those gigantic couches. Thanks to Snutz, flip out couches for toddlers became available. 


Professional kids party planners at Balloons Sydney couldn’t agree more on the benefits of a flip-out couch—especially as gifts for toddlers. Head of operations and mum of two Jessica Salazar shares, “A child-size furniture like a flip out couch helps develop a child’s independence. They are less likely to seek help from adults when they try to use it. Plus, they are given more room to explore their environment when things are within their reach.”


With that said, here are three amazing benefits of flip out couches for your little ones.


Space-Saving And  Confidence Building 


It makes more effort for a child to move a regular-sized chair. When they can move without supervision and assistance, it helps build their confidence. 


With a flip-out couch, the kids can quickly move the furniture wherever they like. It can also transform into a comfortable lounge or a small bed with its compact size. Multi-functional furniture is the best to use for kids, especially if there is limited space to work with. 


More Comfortable to Use


A small flip out couch is perfect for a child to take a nap, watch television, read, or sit and rest with friends. It’s an ideal and comfy alternative to sitting on their bed.


The Snutz flip out couch is designed with only the highest quality of foam that can last up to years. The foam is incredibly comfortable, which is a crucial factor in ensuring a restful sleep for your child. 


Encourages a Creative Play



With fun patterns, flip out couches can be transformed according to the games the kids are playing. Pretend play plays a crucial role in a child’s development, and flip out sofas make the best prop to use.  


The couch can be used as a dental chair and your child being the dentist. Or, it can be a boat, and your kid is a pirate. Folding it to store items makes it a treasure chest! The possibilities are endless. It’s a versatile piece of furniture perfect for their imaginative play. 


Who Says Flip Out Couches Are Just For Kids?


Not only Snutz flip out couches suitable for toddlers, but they are perfect for you. They are made with marine-grade vinyl U/V resistant, enabling them to withstand extreme Australian outdoor conditions while delivering a high standard of softness and durability.   


Why Choose Snutz Flip Out Couches?


Our products are flame retardant and chemically treated to guard against stains and prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew. Its refined texture doesn’t absorb everyday spills, making it very easy to clean. 


Snutz also offers booster seats for kids and pet mats for your fur babies with the same quality as the flip-out couches. Contact us here to know more, or you may call us at 0418 316 219, and we will be happy to assist you.